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If you are like most of us, the look and feel of your home is very important to you.  Accessibility challenges often make enjoying a recently purchased home difficult. Perhaps you want to unlock the true value of a home you've lived in for years. 

Whatever your reasons, in Access Lifts & Services and our experienced team, you'll find the resources and guidance you'll need when planning an elevator or lift installation.

Access Lifts & Services is based in Timonium, MD and for more than 10 years has offered home and business elevator and lift design consultation services that have benefited clients throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia.

About Universal Design:

Universal design strives to be a broad-spectrum solution that helps everyone, not just people with disabilities and appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Principles of Universal Design:

  1. Equitable use
  2. Flexibility in use
  3. Simple and intuitive
  4. Perceptible information
  5. Tolerance for error
  6. Low physical effort
  7. Size and space for approach and use


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