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Orion LU/LA Commercial Hydraulic Elevator
from Savaria Concord

 The Orion LU/LA is an affordable elevator suited for commercial use. The Orion LU/LA (limited-use/limited application) is designed for use in low-rise buildings comprising two to four floors.

This heavy-duty, fully enclosed elevator is rated for loads of up to 1400 lbs and features unique automatic sliding doors. It's got all the features of a high-rise elevator but is suited for smaller budgets. A cost-effective solution for buildings such as health clinics, schools and museums. The Orion can be easily fitted into new or existing buildings.

Standard Specifications

  • Elastomeric Bumpers
  • Magnetic Floor Selection, Stopping and Re-leveling
  • Final Upper Limit
  • Pit Prop
  • Car Top Prop (When Required)
  • Over-Speed Governor
  • Car Top Inspection Station
  • Negative Pressure Switch
  • Variable Speed, Pressure Compensated Proportional Valve
  • Submersed Motor
  • 16' Rail Sections
  • Final Drawings Included With Confirmed Order
  • Operating Instruction Labels
  • Anchors For Hoistway Construction




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Saftey Features

  • Slack Rope Safeties that instantly lock the elevator onto the rails the moment any lifting cable loses tension
  • Negative Pressure Module valve prevents car movement if hydraulic pressure is lost
  • Backup Lighting powered by emergency battery
  • Flow Control Valve to prevent over-speed in the down direction
  • Interlocks Provided, which maintain the door in the closed and locked position before elevator can move
  • Light Curtain standard when 2 speed doors ordered to ensure passenger safety